ZCM login window pops up if password is not correct

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  • 28-Dec-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management - ZCM10
Novell Client 4.91 SP4
ZCM 10 agent installed
AD environment running in parallel with NetWare environment.


Workstation only checked on the Novell Client login still prompts with the ZCM login window.
User that enters bad credentials to the Novell Client login with "Workstation Only" checked gets the ZCM login window.
What is the login process when the Novell Client and the ZENworks 10 adaptive agent are installed on the same machine?


Workaround: Remove the Novell Client.
This is working as designed. When the Novell Client and the ZCM 10 agent are on the same workstation, the authentication process is:
  1. The Novell Client authentication attempts to login (to the local workstation in this case), based on the configuration of the Novell Client.
  2. The ZCM 10 agent attempts to authenticate to the User Source identified in the Realm Name field.
  3. Authentication to the local workstation is attempted.

Since "Workstation Only" is checked on the Novell Client, this is considered to be local authentication, therefore it is not tried until after the ZCM credentials are passed. The reason why the ZCM 10 agent is 2nd in the authentication process listed above is because if a ZCM 10 DLU policy is enabled, the user needs to authenticate to ZCM to read the DLU policy so that the DLU policy can create a local SAM account before logging in locally.

Additional Information

Administrator is moving from a NetWare environment to an all-Windows environment. Administrator has the workstation to join the domain and then sets the Novell Client to login Workstation only.
Administrator is using RDP to connect to a ZCM 10 managed device and does not want to login DLU to the managed device, but only wants to login to "Workstation Only" as the local administrator.
The Realm Name is the User Source, i.e., eDirectory or Active Directory, not the ZCM Zone name

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Also see TID 7000753 - Novell Client "Workstation Only" setting ignored by ZCM agent