Cannot correctly configure ZLM Caching Server

  • 3628897
  • 12-Oct-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise 2.x
Novell SUSE Linux
Novell ZENworks Linux Management 6.x


Cannot correctly configure ZLM Caching Proxy Server
Error in the ZLM Server logs: string(21) "Cache is not licensed"\n


Use the IP address of the cache server and not the DNS name.

Additional Information

The documentation for setting up the ZENworks Linux Management Proxy says:

Installing the Caching System

Installation of the ZENworks Linux Management cache is relatively simple:

Configure the computer which will act as the cache as a normal ZENworks Linux Management client.

Install the additional zlm-server-proxy package on the cache machine.

On the Server page in the ZENworks Linux Management server Web interface, click the Cache License Administration link. If your server key includes cache seats, you will see them listed in the Licenses table. If you already have cache licenses listed, skip this step (most server licenses include at least one cache license). Otherwise, click the Add License link and enter the two-part cache license key provided by your sales representative.

Then, click the Add button. Click the Add Server link, and enter the IP address for the cache server. Then, click the Add button.

The ZENworks Linux Management server generates an SSL certificate, and displays a link to it next to the IP of the cache server. The file should be saved as: /etc/ximian/rcproxy/proxy- on the cache server. Replace with the actual IP address of the cache server.

On the cache server, run the command zlm-server-proxy-init. Enter the requested information (company name, email address, and the host name and port for your primary ZENworks Linux Management server) when prompted. Run the following command to start the proxy: chkconfig squid on

Add the caching server as a service for the client machines instead of the central ZENworks Linux Management server. For example: rug sa

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