Cannot get String representation of EventID via SMTP channel

  • 3626641
  • 16-Oct-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Audit 2.0.2 SMTP Channel


When trying to ge the EventID to show up in an e-mail via Novell Audit's SMTP channel the "String" representation prints "(null)" instead of (for example) "Add Group Member" or even the integer found in the database where the events are stored.


It is not possible to have the SMTP channel convert the EventID from one value to another completely separate value. It does not convert from the EventID integer 721718 to "Add Group Member". It is possible to have the SMTP channel show that integer value if that is the data type desired.

To have an e-mail actually state the event that is taking place ("Add Group Member", "Driver Failed to Start", etc.) it is possible to create multiple SMTP channels which have the e-mail customized for that one type of event. The notifications can then be set up to only send events to that channel when one specific type of event takes place. For instance create an "Add Group Member" SMTP channel and a "Remove Group Member" SMTP channel. Set up a notification for each type of event and have only those events sent to the appropriate channel.

The notification configuration actually lets you choose the EventID by its human-friendly equivalent ("Add Group Member") instead of by the Integer value of the EventID.