Fixes included in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP4, FP3, FP2, FP1 and 2.0.2

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  • 20-Nov-2007
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Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP4
Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP3
Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP2
Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP1
Novell Audit 2.0.2


What is fixed in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP4?
What is fixed in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP3?
What is fixed in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP2?
What is fixed in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP1?
What is fixed in Novell Audit 2.0.2?


Fixes in naudit202fp4.iso:

Bug 329231 - Fixed an ABEND in LCACHE.NLM when the upload of cached data is interrupted.
Bug 289477 - SecureLogin 6.1 crashes on Windows Vista with the Novell Audit platform agent installed.
Bug 260667 - Support for BLOB datatype on Oracle 10g databases.
Bug 284879 - Changed NauditPA.jar file so it will work with IBM JVM.
Bug 294771 - Fixed an ABEND/issue with Lcache.nlm when the "Stop Logging" parameter is specified in the logevent.cfg.
Bug 290625 - Limited cache files to 2 GB per instrumentation. When that size is reached, cache will be dropped.
Bug 297134 - Updated to shutdown the SLS when the following Oracle errors occur: ORA-01653, ORA-01654, ORA-01658, ORA-01683, ORA-24381
Bug 298627 - AuditDS on Linux inserts an extra 'logout' event.
Bug 307123 - Lcache corrupts and deletes cache files when they reach 2GB in size.
Bug 291965 - Windows instrumentation causes high CPU utilization when IAS is configured on a Windows 2003 server.
Bug 287974 - Fixed an issue where eDirectory entry rights don't display correctly in Text1 field.
Bug 287996 - Problems installing Novell Audit on IDM 3.5 server when PA already exists.
Bug 290689 - Audit reports wrong value to boolean attributes on eDir instrumentation

Fixes in naudit202fp3.iso:

Bug 271471 - Fixed iManager exception when clicking on Events for Log App when receiving unexpected NULLs
Bug 240325 - Fixed ABEND in LENGINE.NLM when custom certificates are used
Bug 268765 - Fixed an issue with the platform agent not failing over to secondary SLSes
Bug 271311 - Progress bar is not showing the complete 100% progress for Server configuration while installing the NAudit 2.0.2 FP3 on Windows.
Bug 272669 - An Error message "[LGDMSSQL]:[ERROR] MSSQL table creation failed" is logged in the nproduct.log file when using MS SQL 2000 and no table name is specified.
Bug 270612 - ABEND in MDB/Lengine when Netmail is loaded.
Bug 273246 - Add checking to null pointer in nauditwin.exe code.
Bug 270570 - LCACHE - Unload of the agents causes an abend
Bug 243934 - fix signing of events in java platform agent.
Bug 258156 - Fixed an issue where the Platform Agent does not go to cache when SLS is unavailable
Bug 256218 - Java lcache hanging after sending events
Bug 247347 - Default Installation of Novell Identity server fails to start Naudit Platform agent. See KB 3115818 for fix.
Bug 255199 - Fixed Java lcache socket timeout
Bug 248179 - LCACHE.NLM and AUDITDS.NLM: NLM unloaded without deleting all its processes.
Bug 244079 - Error message when using a generated certificate.
Bug 215060 - Fix slowdown in using pure java client
Bug 231827 - Added classpath to logevent.cfg
Bug 241129 - Mysql table template cannot be changed

Known issues in Novell Audit 2.0.2 FP2:

* On Linux, lcache will only cache up to 2 GB of data. If the lcache size reaches the 2 GB mark, none of the events in the cache file will be uploaded to the SLS.
* On NetWare, LCACHE will only cache up to 4 GB of data. If the LCACHE size reaches the 4GB mark, none of the events in the cache file will be uploaded to the SLS.
* On NetWare, LCACHE will not reset the cache file size if the file is greater than or equal to (>=) 2 GB and is less than or equal to (<=) 4 GB.

Fixes in naudit202p2.iso:

1.) Solaris: Corrected formatting of fields coming from Platform Agent on a big-endian machine; events can now be verified if events are passed from a BE PA to a LE SLS. (216476)
3.) An error message "[LGDORA]: [ERROR] Index creation failed;” is logged in ‘nproduct.log’ file when configured Oracle channel with the User defined table name. (240175)
4.) Additional characters are displayed on the Novell Audit console window. (240590)
5.) LCACHE cached files are not being resized. Cache size set to zero after sending cached data to SLS server. (229063)
6.) Log message will be displayed for the corrucpted XML blob. This log message gives the information to the customer to verify KB 3083351 in (219520)
7.) Abend sending SNMP event. (225818)
8.) LENGINE - Crash in OpenSSL code embedded in LENGINE. (207553)
9.) LOGEVENT - Abend when multiple clients attempt AuthenticateToLogServer at the same time (219500)
10.) Channel drivers that use select * to see if table exists need to do select where 1=0 (223974)
11.) AUDITNW - memory leak for Logout events (219668)
12.) LCACHE - Abend when cache file is corrupted (218057)
13.) Fix auditext import of lsc files to handle large lsc files. (219254)
14.) LOGEVENT - show IP address during startup (213198)
15.) LGDSMTP - Problems in the format of SMTP notifications (198550)
16.) Fixed database reconnect problems encountered in the java channel (202979)
17.) LENGINE - Do not count certain events in Notified counter (160999)
18.) Fixed fail over log server in logevent.cfg/logevent.conf files (204043)

Fixes in naudit202p1.iso (also included in naudit202p2.iso):
1.) LGDSMTP channel showing garbage in message body when using $SD (198550)
2.) Linux: Lengine taking too long to shutdown with SMTP channel enabled (196120)
3.) AUDITNW.NLM - NetWare Alert event 0x000A010A puts alert message in "Target" field (199796)
4.) Reworded driver unload errors so they don't contain bogus licensing messages. (199363)
5.) Native java PA leaves out '\' in component field (199794)
6.) LCACHE - hangs on large cache files (198628)
7.) LOGPARSER hangs on solaris (198622)
8.) LOGPARSE - segfault on Redhat (199550)
9.) LENGINE: need better debug message during connection of Platform agent (t6077)
10.) Change NetWare LSC file to reflect changes made for bug 154537 fixed in 2.0.2 shipping. (195989)
11.) Fix eDir installation problem with older 8.7.3 installs (t6070)
12.) Windows: lgdmssql cannot process large events (194065)
13.) MySQL channel cannot connect in ANSI mode when using"log" for table name (192119)
14.) AudCGen does not recognize -SN switch (196398)
15.) LENGINE: Fixed memory leak on platform agent connect/reconnect. (189325:153931)
16.) AUDITDS: provide return code from eDir when reading config (191658)
17.) Change install completed successfully to install completed. (190521)
18.) Solaris: LENGINE reverse IP address; fix reverse IP for NMAS (189599, t6038)
19.) Publish event IP address via syslog channel (186770)
20.) Login Failed will not appear on Solaris w/eDir 8.x (190745)
Fixes included in Novell Audit 2.0.2 (also included in FP1)
1.) Fix 0x0000 Instrumentation entry in Monitor tab in iManager. (187664)
2.) Updating MDB on Solaris fails, and other MDB for Solaris fixes included. (189551)
3.) Solaris/Linux: Lengine can keep running (not crash) if MDB fails to load. (187667)
4.) File channel unable to load if set to 'raw'. (188378)
5.) eDirectory on Windows won't close when NMAS and Audit are installed. (184292)
6.) Add SecretStore LSC file (sss_en.lsc) and SecretStore PEM files to installs. (186487)
7.) Add DIRxml and iChain lsc/pem files to installs. (180291)
8.) Audcgen generates incomplete self-signed SLS certificates (t5967)
9.) Fix solaris install script (t5955)
10.) Auditnw.nlm: Dir Create events not being captured on slow servers. (185139)
11.) Linux: Modified linux scripts to detect for null LD_LIBRARY_PATH and \$ problems. (184056)
12.) Linux: Fixed restart in /etc/init.d/novell-naudit script (185279)
13.) AUDITNW.NLM - Fixed double free and CPU hog ABEND (181057)
14.) Modify audcgen to use third-party CA. (155770:175466:87062)
15.) Linux: During new install ensure novell-naudit is present before trying to execute. (173587)
16.) Fixed ABEND for Novell Access Manager Acess Gateway (178412, 174063)
17.) Linux: Segfault when unloading lengine. (164941)
18.) Add environment script ( to linux and solaris installations (153990)
19.) Remove NW Filesystem namespace events that no longer get generated (154537)
20.) Add more debug info to nproduct.log - when driver won't load (155841)
21.) Modify naudit.sch - Corrected schema for NAuditAppSchema attributes (168395)
22.) Windows: Install - Don't auto-start lengine on Windows until reboot occurs. (164157)