How to configure OpenSLP on Windows

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  • 11-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for Windows
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP2 for Windows


In eDirectory 8.8 SPx, OpenSLP is automatically installed but not configured.


Steps to configure OpenSLP on Windows

  1. Copy the slp.conf template from C:\windows\system32\novell\eDir\OpenSLP\slp.conf to%systemroot%- usually C:\Windows
  2. Select %systemroot%\slp.conf, properties and remove the read-only attribute.
  3. Edit this file and change the following lines:
    1. If the server is a DA - Directory Agent - remove the comment for the line "net.slp.isDA = true and remove the comment and the value of line net.slp.useScopes with the scope that you want.
    2. If the server is a SA - Service Agent - remove the comment and change the lines net.slp.useScopes and net.slp.DAAddresses
  4. Execute a CMD and type "net stop slpd" and "net start slpd"
Your SLP DA/SA is now configured. Wait a few minutes for eDirectory to register its services in SLP and check using slptool.

To verify eDirectory is registering its services, use the"slptool"
  1. Open a CMD. To verify eDirectory is registering its services, type "slptool findsrvs service:bindery.novell"
  2. To check for the partitions, type "slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell"

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