How to install and configure Secure Gateway.

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  • 02-Oct-2006
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server(GMS)
Secure Gateway


Installing alternative part of GroupWise Mobile Server to increase a security.


Steps for installing and configuration of the Secure gateway:
  • Windows 2000 or preferably Windows 2003. No need for installing Active Directory, nor IIS web server.
  • Copy installation files of the GMS on Windows server and start installation of Secure Gateway. Follow installation wizard. After the installation has finished, check among list of Windows server services if Secure Gateway is listed.
  • Start DOS command from the server and change to a directory C:\Program Files\Secure Gateway\CommSvr\bin.
  • Run following command: genadmincredentials "C:\Program Files\Secure Gateway\CommSvr\Conf". This will generate credentials for web admin console.
  • Restart Secure Gateway service.
  • Open web browser and type following in a URL location filed: http:///admin/admin.html. User credentials generated in previous step.
For more details about Secure Gateway product and configuration, please, check our online GroupWise Mobile Server installation documentation, part Secure gateway: