Caller is not allowed access to a file when rebuilding GroupWise Domain

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  • 17-Jul-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.0
Novell GroupWise 8.0
Novell ConsoleOne


Error: "Caller is not allowed access to a file"
Cannot rebuild Domain or Post Office Database
Error:"To avoid problems with Database Integrity, please disable File Caching and enable File Comment in the Novell Client Settings


Exclusive access to the Domain Database (wpdomain.db) is needed by ConsoleOne when rebuilding a Domain.

Unload any GroupWise Gateways running against the domain being rebuilt.
Unload any MTA that is running for the Domain being rebuilt.

Close ConsoleOne and re-open it again.
Turn off NetWare client file Caching **
Verify and clear connections to the wpdomain.db in Monitor for NetWare Servers. Open Monitor | File Open Lock activity | Drill down to the wpdomain.db in question. The connections can be cleared in Monitor | connections.
Insure a backup software is not locking the Wpdomain (for a domain) or Wphost (for a post office rebuild.)
Insure an Antivirus program is not locking Wpdomain (for a domain) or Wphost (for a post office rebuild.)

Additional Information

Another session of ConsoleOne had a file lock on the WPDOMAIN.DB. Which is found when File Caching is turned on in the NetWare client.
NOTE*** NetWare File Caching in the NetWare Client causes the Wpdomain.db to be locked when the domain was recently connected to in ConsoleOne.
File Caching has been noted to corrupt GroupWise domains has been reported to Development.
File Caching can also cause GroupWise administrative messages to not flow through the system thus Admin changes are not taking effect.
The details of the issue are as follows:
NetWare File Caching used in conjunction with ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins creates a lock on the Domain database (wpdomain.db) as a result of this lock the file cannot be rebuilt.
ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins need the ability to connect to the domain database for GroupWise administration, however when NetWare File Caching is on the PC / ConsoleOne / and the GroupWise snapins used in conjunction with file caching create a lock on the domain database resulting in the above errors.
This lock can corrupt domain databases and needs to be resolved / discontinued.
File Caching should be turned off for all Administrators accessing the GroupWise system using ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins.
For more information on GroupWise and File Caching please reference TID: 3607973 C022 When Starting MTA
Note: Virus, backup and other software that open GroupWise databases can cause GroupWise corruption, abends, and the above errors. GroupWise is comprised of databases that the MTA and POA require exclusive access too. Virus software and backup software need to be configured to work around this as to not cause adverse effects in the GroupWise databases.

In GroupWise Version 8 changes were made to assist in avoiding this issue.

Consoleone with Groupwise 8 snapins now checks and warns for File caching and file commit settings in regards to the Novell Client settings.   With File Caching off and File commit on Consoleone will not lock the GroupWise domain database.  Please insure these setting are set for all GroupWise adminstrators (any one using Consoleone with Groupwise snapins should have File Caching set to off and file commit set to on)

To check and change these settings:
  1. go to the Novell Client Red N by the clock on your PC
  2. right click and go to Novell Client Properties
  3. Select the advaced settings tab
  4. Highlight File Caching and set to OFF
  5. Highligh File commit and set to ON
  6. Reboot workstation running ConsoleOne
NOTE: Any workstation running ConsoleOne and GroupWise Snapins should not use File caching and should have file commit set to on.
Formerly known as TID# 10065778