Errors from the monitor channel (LGDMon)

  • 3605809
  • 14-Jul-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Audit 2.0.0 Monitor Channel
Novell Audit 2.0.1 Monitor Channel
Novell Audit 2.0.2 Monitor Channel
Solaris operating system
Linux operating system


The nproduct.log file contains the following errors:
Fri Jul 14 12:54:20 2006 [LGDMon]: Error writing out to the monitor channel object. Please make sure the SLS has write rights granted to the monitor channel object.
eDirectory was shutdown and restarted.


Novell Audit 2.0 and newer (2.0.1, 2.0.2) has a monitor channel. This monitor channel contains data that is provided in the debug screen for the Secure Logging Server (SLS), otherwise known as lengine. The monitor channel also contains data on which platform agent servers have connected to the SLS, what applications are sending data, etc.
The errors found in the nproduct.log file can occur when eDirectory is stopped on a Unix or Linux platform. If eDirectory is up and running and you continue to get the LGDMon errors in your nproduct.log file, please stop and start the SLS. To stop and start the SLS, please do the following:
Go to a console prompt (make sure you are running as root) and do the following:
bash-2.05# cd /etc/init.d
bash-2.05# ./naudit stop
Shutting down Novell Audit log server:
Novell Audit: Closing server sockets.
Novell Audit: Closing 0 client sockets.
Novell Audit: Waiting to process remaining 0 events.
Novell Audit: Shutting down log drivers.
Novell Audit: Shutting down event monitors.
Novell Audit: Shutting down event notification handlers.
bash-2.05# Novell Audit: Shutting down application handlers.
Novell Audit: Waiting for remaining threads to terminate.
Novell Audit: Shutdown complete.
bash-2.05# ./naudit start
Starting Novell Audit log server:
bash-2.05# MDBDriver '', successfully loaded
Novell Audit Full License
Novell Audit: Logging Mode: Using internal certificate

At this point in time lengine should be back up and running and the monitor channel should be back up and running as well.
NOTE: It appears that the monitor channel may reconnect if using eDirectory 8.7.3.x and the monitor channel may have a problem reconnecting when eDirectory 8.8.x is installed on the system.