GMS and a post office with multiple POAs.

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  • 05-Mar-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0x


Due to a workload of a default POA serving all GroupWise tasks it is decided to create a separate, remotely run POA serving the SOAP protocol.


Currently Novell engineering does not recommend running multiple POAs for a single post office to resolve any GMS issues. The reason behind this originates in the way how the PUSH technology, used by GMS, is supported on the GroupWise backend.

When a GroupWise user first time authenticates on a GMS server, a new container is created inside his user database. This container is called the GWEventNotification container. Here are all monitored events recorded within a GroupWise mailbox. It is the GMS server that passes a list of GMS users and their events that need to be monitored to a registered POA. A POA can be registered on the GMS site via Admin Console, inside the Authentication sources configuration option.

A notification list, passed by GMS, is in a in-memory list that is added / removed from the server memory each time a POA is started / unloaded on the server.
Here is a description of the processes when having 2 independent POAs serving a single post office. A main POA that serves GroupWise client C/S tasks is not registered with a GMS server thus it has no host on its list where to send notifications. It still writes in the user GWEventNotification container but this POA does not notify GMS server about updated events it made. A second POA, where a GMS server has re-entered itself, is aware only about its own changes inside the user GWEventNotification container as those processes happen in server memory. That is why a second POA is not aware of event changes that were processed by the main POA via normal GroupWise client activity.
However, on a GMS server though there is a sanity check scheduled that polls data from all registered GMS accounts each 30 minutes. During this poll cycle, the second POA reads all data from the user GWEvnetNotification container, also those events that were written by the main POA. Now also changes made by a GroupWise client via the main POA will be synchronized on a PDA device. The time interval this cycled check will run can be configured via the WebDiag tool of a GMS server. The tool can be accessed via a http link:


In the section "Email Accelerator”, add in the bottom a new property value called GroupWise.Poller with a value of 2, for instance. The GMS then will start each 2 minutes polling data from the GroupWise mailbox and updates PDA device.