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How to restore the NDS database
DSREPAIR -RC is not a replacement for a SMS backup of Directory Services.


What does DSREPAIR -RC back up and where?

DSRepair -RC will create a backup DIB set for all the NDS files, including all stream files. DSREPAIR -RC locks the database as it is running.

This should NOT take the place of tape backup as a regular NDS backup method, however it is very helpful to have, as you can use this file to get a server back into the tree quickly due to corrupt database issue or hardware failure on a server. The backup made with dsrepair -rc is commonly used by Novell Support when there are other servers with existing replicas on other functioning servers in the tree.
Notes: Files created with DSREPAIR -RC or through Create NDS archive can only be restored by calling Novell Technical Support.
In NDS6.x and NDS7.x the backup will be placed in SYS:\SYSTEM directory called DSREPAIR.DIB
In NDS8.x, NDS85.x NDS 8.6, NDS 8.7.x NDS 8.8.x etc - the backup is placed in SYS:\SYSTEM\DSR_DIB directory called 00000000.$DU

The backup will create a new file for every 100Mb of data in the NDS by incrementing the filename e.g. 00000001.$DU.

Loading DSREPAIR without the -RC switch will allow you to choose the placement of the file.
LOAD DSREPAIR | Advanced options menu| NDS archive options | Create NDS archive. This will allow you to place the NDS archive in the directory you specify.

NOTE: Files created with DSREPAIR -RC or through Create NDS archive can only be restored by calling Novell Technical Support.

Additional Information

DSREPAIR -RC can only be restored by Novell Technical Support.This file restores DS information ONLY. It does NOT restore trustees or server specific information. When the file is restored, we will have to remove all replicas from the server this file is restored too. Once the DS is fine, the replicas can be added back. If this server does not hold a replica of other partitions, that information is lost.
Why does it require Novell Support to restore a dib file backed up with dsrepair -rc? While these backup files can be useful to swiftly fix a corrupt DIB issue, restoring it without additional actions of removing the replicas off the server (old data as of when the backup was created), and cleaning up the replica rings can have severe consequences in your tree. Due to this, Novell Support does not publish procedures to restore these files. You should contact Novell Support if think you have a need of restoring the dsrepair -rc backup file(s).
Novell's recommendation for object fault tolerance is:
1st. Replication. If other Replica holders have current copies of those replicas, then you should use those replicas to restore your objects to this server. A dib backup with dsrepair -rc can be used to get the server backup into the tree without the implications of removing the server object from the tree and reinstalling it, which can cause other complications.
2nd. External Backup Solution The best line of defense in a catostrophic disaster when their are no other replica holders left, is a tape backup of eDirectory objects.

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