How to configure SSL settings for SOAP in GroupWise Mobile server.

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  • 23-Jul-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS)


Configuring SOAP communication protocol over SSL on a GMS server.


Steps for configuring SSL settings:
  • GroupWise site preparation:
  1. If a desired PO does not have SSL certificate files (*.b64 and *.key) in its directory structure, use GroupWise CSR generator to create those two files. This utility can be found under SDD\Admin\Utility\Gwcsrgen.
  2. Start ConsoleOne and connect to a GroupWise system.
  3. Select a PO where you want to have a SOAP communication over SSL.
  4. Check properties of the POA object and in GroupWise | SSL settings provide certificate and SSL key files location.
  5. In GroupWise | Agent Settings of POA section make sure SOAP protocol and is enabled.
  6. In GroupWise | Network Address section of POA check SOAP protocol port and enable SSL.
  7. Make sure that the POA now listens on SOAP SSL port. POA can be also bounced and then via F9 from server console see valid configuration settings.
  • GroupWise Mobile Server preparation site:
  1. Start Admin Console from a GMS server.
  2. Check properties of Intellisync Mobile Suite.
  3. Go in Authentication | Authentication Sources button and edit existing or add GroupWise authentication point. Make sure that IP address + SOAP port settings are valid, enable SSL.
  4. Under Profile Settings | Email Accelerator | Novell GroupWise edit default profile or create new. Make sure that IP address + SOAP port settings are valid, enable SSL.
Since now a GMS server communicates to a POA over SSL / SOAP protocol. If there is a need to remove SSL settings, start to remove it from GroupWise site - POA object.
IMPORTANT- Note if SSL is enabled in a GMS server within one GroupWise authentication point (a POA settings), it is necessary to configure on a GroupWise site also a rest of POs with SSL settings if those are intended to cooperate with the GMS server. See also TID# 3734197.