Issues and fixes for IP Server Connection Utility SRVINST2.EXE

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  • 28-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Network connectivity with DOS boot disk


The following utility is often used to make network boot disks for Servers:
There have been some reported issues and fixes on this utility and that information is being listed below.


1) Issue with DELL GX110 machines
Dell GX110. This method will work providing the internal NIC is not sharing the IRQ with USB adapter (eg. I put internal NIC on 10 by itself and changed other items on 10 to 11). Now DHCP and static IP will bind/operate correctly with internal NIC.
2) For IP only in multi-segment Cisco network it is advisable to add SLP to NETWARE PROTOCOL line as well as an appropriately configured SRVLOC section in the Net.cfg file
3) IF solution 1 does not work above you on some Dell GX110 with integrated 3C905C NIC on motherboard.
It will work if internal NIC is disabled and regular 3C905B-TX PCI NIC is added.
The problem is either internal NIC or TCPIP.NLM version 1.02 related, neither static or DHCP provided IP (the latter was sniffed, Discover went out, Offer was returned, nothing else happened) will bind to internal NIC.