Patch Management McAfee dat file not updating to 8.5

  • 3575679
  • 12-Sep-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.3 - ZPM6.3 Package Deployment
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 1


When trying to update McAfee Anti Virus to version 8.5, the machines will not get updated to that version and pushing out the patch it shows an error not applicable.


  1. Opening up the Patch Management web console and going to Packages and the Vulnerabilities, type in McAfee search box and both the Status and Groups for results text boxes should be set to all.
  2. Next, click on update view.
  3. You will see the vulnerability fix listed in the vulnerabilities which shows as: McAfee AntiVirus VirusScan 4.5.x - 8.x SuperDAT 5100 Engine/5100 DAT file (Aug 17, 2007) (Rev 3)
  4. Push this out to a machine and the Mcafee version will be updated to 8.5