How to delete a container or subtree without receiving the error -629

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  • 16-Oct-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory


Error: " -629" is received when trying to delete a container.
The container still has objects underneath it.
At times it is needed to delete an entire subtree of an eDirectory database. eDirectory by default generates a -629 error when trying to delete an object that contains child objects.


WARNING: Make sure that your eDirectory tree is backed up.
A Java LDAP browser has the built in functionality to perform this operation.
By default the delete child object is unchecked. Check it when you choose to delete the desired container and all child objects. This can be done by highlighting the object in question withing the ldap browser and choosing the edit menu option and then the delete entry task.
If the above tool is no longer available, check to see if iMonitor has this functionality. When this document was authored, iMonitor did not have this functionality. However, an enhancement request has been submitted for a future release of iMonitor to contain this option.
Another alternative would be to generate and LDIF export of the base object and it's child objects. Then manipulate the LDIF file to delete the most leaf objects first, working your way up the tree to the base object that is the desired object to be deleted with it's child objects.