Server abends with ldap query that involves dynamic groups

  • 3562980
  • 29-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Edirectory 8.7.3.x
Dynamic Groups


Server abends whenever a query is made that includes calculating memberQueryURL.

Server will abend with Free received already free pointer.

Server started abending after implementing dynamic groups and querying for memberQueryURL.


A fix will be available in January 2007 when the first field test patch is available for edir8739. If you are encountering this abend and need a fix before edir8739ftf_1, then contact Novell Technical Support.

Additional Information

If set alloc memory check flag=on then the stack will look like this:
Debug entry: 260
Break caused by Abend: Free received already free pointer
Pointer: 0xAA430140 Allocation size: 0x9C, 156 Alloc pool: DS.NLM
Error code: None
P01# sw
Current EIP: 0031FB4C SERVER.NLM|CheckedFree+6F8
AA75603C 8040447C DS.NLM|DMFree+10
AA756048 80400167 DS.NLM|free+C
AA756054 804DB6AD DS.NLM|dln+F
AA75605C 803FF83D DS.NLM|dan+A
AA756064 8057D4E9 DS.NLM|WPutEntryAttrs+4E2
AA756318 805AA776 DS.NLM|PutSearchEntry+96
AA756360 805AEDAC DS.NLM|DSASearch+12A8
AA756520 80499132 DS.NLM|DSDummyVerbRedirector+72
AA756548 80499721 DS.NLM|DSACommonRequest+28
AA756634 80499AE5 DS.NLM|DSAShortCutRequest+F7
AA756690 80565F74 DS.NLM|DCFragRequest+207
AA756788 80566409 DS.NLM|DCRequest+48
AA7567C8 8043D5DB DS.NLM|DCSearchFromPartition+115
AA756918 E2817F56 DSLOADER.NLM|DDCSearchFromPartition+52
AA756954 A4807CD8 NLDAP.NLM|LDAPSearchToCB+3FB
AA7570F4 A4806F9A NLDAP.NLM|nds_back_search+9B1
AA7571B0 A47CF3A3 NLDAP.NLM|DoSearch+3D8
AA758430 A47BCA77 NLDAP.NLM|OperationThread+4C4
AA758454 A47B7546 NLDAP.NLM|TPSetAvailableWorkInfo+78
AA75846C A47B7CC4 NLDAP.NLM|TPWorkerThread+E8
AA758484 E2F7A306 THREADS.NLM|getcmd+21E
AA7584AC E2F7A13C THREADS.NLM|getcmd+54
AA7584C4 E2F95750 THREADS.NLM|+2750
AA7584C8 00224668 SERVER.NLM|TcoNewSystemThreadEntryPoint+40
(stack end)
If "set alloc memory check flag=off" then the stack looked like the following:

Current EIP: 89DF3FC4 DS.NLM|parentID$SMEntryHandle+14
AE5E5DF8 89F53AA4 DS.NLM|ComputeRightsFromACLsByBruteForce+4AD
AE5E6500 89F54861 DS.NLM|GetMAEffectivePrivilegesList+2CA
AE5E6584 89FAA090 DS.NLM|SMIIterCallback+461
AE5E6610 89ECB84F DS.NLM|fsmiRecValidator+243
AE5E6658 89FE19BA DS.NLM|flmCurRecValidate+6D
AE5E6790 89FE203F DS.NLM|flmCurSearchIndex+492
AE5E67F0 89FE264D DS.NLM|flmCurSearch+D1
AE5E682C 89EC6CE6 DS.NLM|flmCurPerformRead+13D
AE5E6864 89EC6F0A DS.NLM|FlmCursorMoveRelative+47
AE5E6894 89FA3CA6 DS.NLM|getEntry$SMIteratorHandle+16F
AE5E68D8 89F7C2BC DS.NLM|next$NBIteratorHandle+37
AE5E6900 89FAEFE4 DS.NLM|DSASearch+14E0
AE5E6AA0 89E99132 DS.NLM|DSDummyVerbRedirector+72
AE5E6AC8 89E99721 DS.NLM|DSACommonRequest+280
AE5E6BB4 89E99AE5 DS.NLM|DSAShortCutRequest+F7
AE5E6C10 89F65F74 DS.NLM|DCFragRequest+207
AE5E6D08 89F66409 DS.NLM|DCRequest+48
AE5E6D48 89E3D5DB DS.NLM|DCSearchFromPartition+115
AE5E6E98 89093F56 DSLOADER.NLM|DDCSearchFromPartition+52