No Page Count displayed with Canon ImageRunners using iPrint Auditing

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  • 10-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


iPrint (any version)
Canon ImageRunner Multifuction device
IR PCL6 driver (Canon PCL6 driver)
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Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 4 Print Manager
Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3 Print Manager
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With iPrint Auditing enabled for Canon ImageRunner printers, the'Page Count' column of the AUDIT.CSV file is blank when using Canon's PCL6 driver.
-When using Canon's PCL5x driver the 'Page Count' is displayed, but the number is incorrect. The page count is +2 pages of the true page count.


Use the Postscript driver for the applicable Canon Multifunction device.

Additional Information

PCL6 driver: Canon's PCL6 driver set will attach proprietary command information intended to tell the machine what function to perform (i.e. printing, faxing, etc.) at the beginning of each print job sent. This is a non-standard behavior that makes it impossible for iPrint to parse the 'Page Count' information.

PCL5 driver: The PCL5x driver set adheres to a different standard which explains the difference in behavior between the PCL6 and PCL5 drivers. This being the case, Canon still prepends the machine command information to each print job sent. With PCL5 , the additional command information does not fully prevent us from parsing the job for 'Page Count' information, but it does add additional ESC characters that iPrint recognizes as new page(s) - thus we see inaccurate information displayed in the 'Page Count' field of the iPrint audit report.

PostScript (PS): The Post-Script driver set is the only set of Canon Multi-function device drivers that iPrint is able to parse and yield accurate page count information from. While the prepended information is still attached to each job, iPrint is able to bypass the prepended information in the PostScript scenario and therefore yield an accurate page count for each job.

*The benefits and drawbacks to using a PostScript rather than a PCL driver are as follows:
Drawbacks: PostScript jobs will tend to be larger than jobs created using a PCL driver. As such they will generate heavier network traffic, although traffic and performance in a typical LAN environment will display no noticeable effect.
Benefits: PostScript drivers will provide higher quality print output for graphics and/or presentations. (Standard text printing will generally not display any noticeable difference in quality)

**Standard PCL6, PCL5, and PS (Postscript) are the only printer description languages (PDL's) supported by iPrint for Auditing.