OpenOffice.OpenXML Translator for docx xslx and pptx files

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  • 21-Feb-2008
  • 16-Mar-2012


SUSE LInux Enterprise Desktop 10
Documents created with Microsoft Office 2007
Novell Edition of


Documents created in Microsoft Office 2007 which are in the XML format as a docx, xslx, or pptx file need to be opened in the Novell Edition of


You can find the free translator in the list of available downloads at the following link:

Alternatively you can go to and select the product and click search.

Here is the description of the product:

The OpenXML Translator provides support for opening and saving Microsoft* OpenXML-formatted word processing documents (.docx), spreadsheet documents (.xslx) and slideshow documents (.pptx) in

The odfconverter-1.1-7.oxt file works only with Windows, and the odf-converter-1.1-7.i586.rpm file works only on SUSE® Linux Enterprise, SUSE Linux, and openSUSE. On both platforms, the OpenXML Translator works only with the latest Novell® edition of