Keyboard Unresponsive Imaging a Dell GX-620

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  • 01-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


The keyboard is unresponsive while trying to image a Dell GX-620 with an A12 Revision BIOS.


There is a known issue between the Linux Boot Kernel, Dell BIOS and the USB Keyboards.
There needs to be an option for "Legacy USB Support" in the BIOS.

Reverting to BIOS version A05 will provide this BIOS option and allow for proper operation.
Dell is supposed to release BIOS version A13 to correct this issue, but no time table exists at this point in time.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

It is not known if any BIOS versions between A05 and A12 will work.