OLE Error 800040154 when launching GroupWise 7 client

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  • 09-Nov-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 7 32 bit Client (shipping, 7.01, 7.02)
Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP11)
Windows 2000 SP4


After installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11 (SEP11) and then installing the GroupWise 7 client in this order you will get an error:

"GroupWise did not initialize successfully. Please run GroupWise setup or contact your system administrator
Class not registered
OLE Error 800040154".

This error occurs each time you try and launch the client. If you then try and uninstall the GroupWise client you will get a "Fatal error during installation" message and GroupWise will not uninstall.


There is an issue with the the "application protection" part of the Symantec client.

If you install the GroupWise 7 client first and then install the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP11) client then you will not see this issue.

Once the client is installed and you are getting the error there are two ways to workaround this issue:

Workaround 1: (This will require a reboot of the workstation at each of the steps below)

1. Uninstall the Symantec Endpoint Protection product
2. Uninstall Groupwise 7 Client
3. Re-install Groupwise 7 Client
4. Re-install Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP11)

At this point both Symantec and GroupWise clients will function properly.

Workaround 2:

1. Create a new installation package with the "application protection" piece of the Symantec client turned off.
2. Associate this package with the group that all of your Symantec clients are in ( in the Symantec console).
3. This will cause a silent upgrade to the Symantec clients.
4. Run a verify on the GW client and it fixes its self.

At this point both Symantec and GroupWise clients will function properly.

Additional Information

Symantec engineering is working on a fix.
This seems to be isolated to Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11
This does not affect GroupWise 6.5 clients.
Does not occur with Windows XP.