Unable to login to iManager - error -632

  • 3547017
  • 20-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Unable to login to iManager - error -632
ERROR: -1663 CanDo
ERROR: -1663 NMAS Manager
ERROR: -632 Unexpected results have occurred

Users are not able to login to iManager as they get a -632 error, however there are no problems with the Novell Client logins.


Further investigations show iManager is using NMAS which returns a"-1663 Login Client Method not found" error message. However, to be able to see this error message DSTRACE with +NMAS flag needs to be enabled on the server where iManager trying to connect to. Once DSTRACE is enabled, it is possible to see which login method has the problem as follows:

NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: Found default login sequence NDS for admin.novell
NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: Sequence Selected =="NDS"
NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: Client can do: 0x7 0x0
NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: Sequence: NDS (AND) lsms 0x7 plsms 0xC
NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: ERROR: -1663 CanDo
NMAS: [2006/11/08 16:15:46] 57: ERROR: -1663 NMAS Manager

In the trace above the NDS Sequence is used. This sequence should only contain the NDS Method. However, we can see in the trace that this login method also has the lsms method selected, which iManager cannot handle as a web-interface only application, therefore it returns a -632 error.

The NDS login sequence needs to be modified either with the appropriate ConsoleOne snap-ins or with a user who is able to login to iManager: the NDS Login sequence should only contain "NDS" as the Selected Login Methods and no Selected Post-Methods should exist.

NOTE: It is strongly suggested to create new login sequences if a default one needs to be modified and not to modify the default ones.