Uninstall and reinstall WebAccess 5.5 EP, 6, 6.5, or 7

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  • 30-Aug-2007
  • 12-Oct-2012


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Uninstall and reinstall WebAccess 5.5 EP, 6, 6.5 or 7


The following may fix servlet issues See Solution: 10065230:
Copy all files from the software distribution directory \INTERNET\WEBACCESS\JARLIB directory to the SYS:\JAVA\LIB directory.
These instructions are for Novell NetWare environments. For NT environments use Solution: 10027820.

Do the following:

1. Unload WebAccess (STOPWEB5 or STOPWEB for GroupWise 6), Netscape Enterprise (NSWEBDN) or Apache (NVXADMDN for NetWare 6, AP2WEBDN for NetWare 6.5) and TOMCAT (TOMCAT33 -U (exiting Java will unload Tomcat4 NW65)), and Java (JAVA -EXIT).

2. a. On NetWare 5 rename the SYS:\JAVA directory.
b. On NetWare 5.1 rename the SYS:\JAVA\SERVLETS\COM directory.
c. On NetWare 6 rename the SYS:\TOMCAT\33\WEBAPPS\ROOT\WEB-INF\CLASSES\COM directory.
d.  On NetWare 6.5 rename the

3. Rename the SYS:\NOVELL directory.

4. a. On Netscape Enterprise Web Server rename the SYS:\NOVONYX\SUITESPOT\DOCS\COM directory.
b. On Apache rename the SYS:\APACHE\NWDOCS\COM directory.
c. On Apache2 rename the SYS:\APACHE2\HTDOCS\COM directory.

5. If WebPublisher was installed then rename the GWCACHE.DB file. (By default it is in SYS:\SYSTEM\CACHE.)

6. Delete the WebAccess NDS Object and select YES on removing the subdirectories.

For GroupWise 6/ 6.5 you must also delete the following pieces under the NDS Domain object: NovellSpeller, LDAPProvider, GroupWiseProvider, GroupWiseWebAccess. If WebPublisher is installed also delete the GroupWiseDocumentProvider and GroupWiseWebPublisher objects.

7. If database corruption is suspected then rebuild the domain that WebAccess belongs to.

8. Reinstall WebAccess. NetWare 6 with Apache follow tids 10074499 or 10067255 for Groupwise 6.0 sp1 or sp2. (For NetWare 5.0, answer "Yes" to overwriting the JVM. The JAVA directory does not exist after renaming it and it has to be reinstalled.)

NOTE: Reinstalling WebAccess will requires that any MTA or POA loaded on the server where WebAccess is installed must be unloaded.

9. Bring up the MTA for the domain.

10. Bring up the web server.

11. Bring up the WebAccess agent.

Note: If you are using GroupWise monitor on this server, or NetPublisher, or any other application that uses the servlet gateway, you will need to reinstall these pieces also.

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