Unable to update nss volume or pool objects into eDirectory error -634 or -669

  • 3544536
  • 21-Feb-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


OES sp2


-634 Error adding volume to NDS
-669 Error updating eDirectory through the iManager Storage plugin
-669 Error when installing and configuring NSS through YAST
-669 Error when updating eDirectory through NSSMU

Tree was renamed. After renaming with tree with either iManager or ndsmerge received error while trying to create a volume object or pool object on an existing volume and pool.

Unable to create the NSS Admin user.


Create a new NSS Admin user object

The command to create the NSS Admin user object is:

nssAdminInstall -a -p -o

example nssAdminInstall -a admin.novell -p novell -o nssAdmin.novell