ZENworks Patch Management Update Server 6.3 P-5

  • 3540830
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.3 - ZPM6.3


This TID is a summary of the fixes included in ZPM Update Server 6.3 Patch 5

Applies To: ZPM Update Server v6.3.0.700


Patch Name:Novell ZENWorks Patch Management Server 6.3 P-5


Description: There are multiple fixes included Novell ZENWorks Patch Management Server 6.3 P-5. They are:
  • In rare circumstances license and vulnerability data can be deleted when connectivity to GSS is lost.
  • Disabled agents that are not applicable would be scheduled to receive a deployment when they should not.
  • The deployment status page does not filter by the results determined by either the Device Deployment or Group Deployment pages.
  • The Update Server will no longer be able to cache protected content. Any protected content attempting to be cached will now report an"Unable to cache protected content" cache status error.
  • Duplicate device names typed in to the group wizard will now add all devices which match up for that device name instead of just the first one.
  • Multiple Fast Path servers can now be on the default Configuration page, as long as the resulting Fast Path Server string does now exceed 3750 characters instead of 256 characters.
  • The Device Information page does not show the policy information correctly for legacy agents, if the resulting policies originated from the Default Configuration page.
  • Policies with Hours of Operation is displayed and evaluated correctly for legacy agents.
  • The "Discover Applicable Updates” system task may not perform a full scan for legacy agents.
  • The "Device Status” application report can format the agent version incorrectly.
  • The"Deployment Error” application report may complete the report but contain no data in some circumstances.
  • Changes to the "Global Fast Path Communication Interval” do not reschedule policies to be re-evaluated for all agents.
  • The device information page displays the last contact date in a UTC date format instead of auto-converting it to the local based on the user’s browser.
PatchLink Engineering has created Patch 5 which will be available as a deployment from your ZPM Update Server.
How does one determine if the patch is installed or not?
A registry key will exist:
The following files will have the version numbers list.
(Install Path)\WebRoot\bin\PatchLink.Update.Net.dll file version
(Install Path)\WebRoot\bin\PlusComponents.dll file version
How does one determine if the patch is applicable?
The above registry key does not exist but the following Update Server 6.3 registry key does:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FFAE44E7-4A47-468A-B6CB-77329A7EBC0D}\DisplayVersion,,, or
Note: this patch requires installation of Update Server 6.3 P-4 for those servers with 6.3.x.700 installed.
The below files are at the specified version
(Install Path)\WebRoot\bin\PatchLink.Logging.dll file versions (,,