NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h with printer driver upload

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  • 16-Feb-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5


The following error is returned in iManager when trying to upload a print driver to the Broker:

NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h
Other Error: FFFFFC50h

Other Error: FFFFFC62H


Update RMANSRVR.NLM to 09JUN2008 or later on the server running the Broker. Go to download.novell.com and search for RMANSRVR.NLM.

Other possible causes/fixes:
eDir Rights:
The broker does not have the necessary rights in eDir. Unload the current broker and create a test broker to the volume. Make sure the volume you point to has an existing /ndps folder so it can create the resdir folder if it does not exist. Remember to load the broker before the print manager so the manager will use that broker on the same server instead of finding another one on the network.

Virus Scan
An anti-virus scanner may be locking files need to complete the driver upload processes. Shutdown realtime scanning or configure /ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv to be excluded from the realtime scan when upload printer drivers.
Upload the print driver using NWAdmin.
If the browse button within NWAdmin does not respond, see KB 10054369.
If you need to upload Windows XP printer drivers, this can be accomplished with NWAdmin two different ways:

a. Don't manage the Windows XP printer driver repository.
iManager separates Windows XP and Windows 2000 into two different printer driver repositories. But, if you associate only a Windows 2000 driver to a Printer Agent, Windows XP workstations with the iPrint or NDPS client will grab the Win2k associated printer driver. Therefore, there is no need to upload printer drivers to the Broker's Windows XP repository. Nearly all printer drivers are compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 2000.
b. Copy Windows 2000 drivers to XP repository.
i. Upload the Windows XP driver to the Windows 2000 repository using NWAdmin.
ii. Copy the newly uploaded printer driver directory from:
iii. The Broker will pick up this change and list that copied printer driver. If the Broker does not pick up the change, then you may need to restart the Broker.