Outbound mails are not getting delivered with status " Host Pending "

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  • 29-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 7 client
Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) 7.0


Inbound mails work fine but Outbound mails show "Host Pending" in the status
Mails sent using Webaccess are getting delivered
Mails sent using GroupWise 7 Client show status as Host Pending.
MTA Screen shows Internet Gateway as closed.
Configuration Status page on MTA screen shows Internet Gateway as Open.


Corrective Steps:
1. Launch ConsoleOne
2. Right Click on the GWIA object and select Properties
3. Click GroupWise | Network Address
4. Fill in the Private IP Address of the GWIA server
5. Restart MTA and GWIA
6. Verify that the MTA screen shows all Gateways as Open

Additional Information

There was no IP Address associated with the GWIA Object in ConsoleOne.

Formerly known as TID# 10100358

How to send out E-Mails which are already showing status as "Host Pending" ?

Steps mentioned in the section "Resolution" will work only for new E-Mails users send. These steps may not work for E-Mails which are already showing status as "Host Pending", as the retry interval for such E-Mails have already expired. In that case try following steps to see whether you are able to successfully deliver those messages.

Fix 1.

1. Open GWIA log files in Verbose Mode (It has to be already set to be in Verbose Mode) for the time of issue.
2. Try to find out the file GroupWise System has generated corresponding to the E-Mail in the "Host Pending" status.
3. Locate the file either in the Defer folder or else in the Problem directory


Check the following document for more details on the GWIA folder structure


4. Manually copy and paste the file into the Send folder.
5. Check GWIA screen or active log to find out whether the E-Mail got delivered successfully. E-Mails will get processed only during the next cycle.
6. If yes, repeat the same steps for each and every E-Mail.

Even if the E-Mail goes out, the status will be still showing as"Host Pending"

Instead of doing above steps for each and every E-Mail one at a time, it is possible to copy and paste all files in the Defer or Problem directory to the Send folder. But, as some files in those folders may be corrupt, it is not a recommended step always. If there are large number of files check the Date and avoid unwanted old files.

Fix 2

Ask users to resend such E-Mails as follows,

1. Login to GroupWise Client
2. Open the Sent Items folder.
3. Find out the E-Mails with status as "Host Pending" from the Properties page.
4. Right click and Resend the E-Mail
5. Verify the status of new E-Mail.