Closing browser does not log user out of NetStorage

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  • 17-Jan-2007
  • 03-Jul-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 and later
Microsoft Internet Explorer


Closing browser does not log user out of NetStorage using Microsoft Internet Explorer


This is a result of the NetIdentity client extension to the Internet Explorer web browser. The only way to prevent this from occuring is to remove the RPAWINET.DLL from the C:\Windows\System32 directory. However, this will also effect ZEN components.

Additional Information

With web browsers other than the Internet Explorer, the solutions are to explicitly log out, or to utilize the "Persistent Cookies" parameter for NetStorage (in the https://servername/oneNet/nsadmin utility) as set to '0'. This gives the system administrator the option of allowing web browsers the ability to remember the credentials or to not. This does not effect any web browsers using the NetIdentity extensions.

Link to documentation :

  • Persistent Cookies

The Persistent Cookies setting can be turned either on or off. With the value set to 0, Persistent Cookies is turned off. Persistent Cookies is turned on (the default) if there is no value or the value is set to anything other than 0.

With Persistent Cookies turned off, the NetStorage session will end when the user closes the current browser or Web folder. Also, if the user has a current instance of NetStorage up in a browser window or web folder and starts up a new browser instance or web folder, the user will be required to re-authenticate.

Turning off Persistent Cookies can be beneficial if you have workstations that are shared because as long as the browser instance is closed down, the next user of the workstation cannot accidently or intentionally obtain access to your network through NetStorage.

Leaving Persistent Cookies turned on can be beneficial if your workstations are not shared because it prevents users from having to unnecessarily re-authenticate.

If the user selects the Logout option in NetStorage, the NetStorage session will end regardless of whether Persistent Cookies is turned on or off.

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