Are busy searches supported by our Exchange Gateway?

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  • 31-Jul-2007
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.x Gateway for Microsoft Exchange


Are busy searches supported by our Exchange Gateway?


Yes, busy searches and a few other cool things are supported with the new GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange.
What’s New in This Release (at the time of this writing 07-30-07)

The following enhancements have been added since the previous major release of the Exchange Gateway:

  • The Exchange Gateway has been updated to match GroupWise 6. x and 7. x functionality in several areas, including the ConsoleOne® snap-ins.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 are supported in addition to Exchange 5.5. x.

  • The Exchange Gateway can run as a Windows* service as well as an application.

  • You can configure TCP/IP links between the Exchange Gateway and the MTA

  • Busy Search works for both GroupWise users and Exchange users with Exchange 2000/2003

  • Internet-style addressing is supported.

  • SNMP is supported, so that the Exchange Gateway can be monitored from SNMP management and monitoring programs.

  • A Web console is provided, so that the Exchange Gateway can be monitored from any location where you have access to a Web browser and the Internet.

  • Some Great new startup switches:
  • /displaynamelastfirst Formats the names of GroupWise users as LastName, FirstName in the Exchange Address Book. The default is FirstName LastName
  • /noreadreceipt Suppresses the prompt for sending Outlook read receipts for GroupWise messages, while allowing the read receipt feature in Outlook to work normally for non-GroupWise messages.
  • /useimportcontainer Causes the Exchange Gateway to synchronize GroupWise users into the import container specified in the object properties of the Exchange Gateway’s connector object.

For more information on this Gateways features and configuration see this Doc:

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