NetStorage Error: Passphrase could not be set

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  • 03-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iFolder 2.1
Novell NetStorage


When clicking on the link in NetStorage for iFolder, and attempting to set the iFolder Passphrase, either the error :

ERROR: Passphrase could not be set

or a blank page, or a "page cannot be displayed". On the iFolder service's Apache console screen, the message regarding authentication failing contains an "encryption mismatch". Additionally, the NetStorage service is using ports 80 and 443 while iFolder is using ports 52080 and 52443. However, the iFolder client successfully authenticates and synchronizes data.


Ensure the following :
  • The "iFolder Server" setting in NetStorage is either the iFolder server's IP address or that the NetStorage server can resolve the IP address. This can be accomplished by pinging the DNS entry on the NetStorage server (e.g. ping
  • If the iFolder port is not 80 (e.g. it is 52080), the "iFolder Server" setting in NetStorage must include the colon and the port number (e.g. "").
  • The "Secure Port" setting must be set to the NetStorage secure port, typically 443. NetStorage must be using this port in order for the iFolder passphrase to be set.

Additional Information

When iFolder utilizes ports 52080 and 52443, it is typically due to it's being used in NetWare 6.0 platform, which had the Enterprise Web Server running on 80 and 443 and would encounter a conflict on those ports. With NetWare 6.5, because Apache was handling ports 80 and 443, the iFolder service could be adjusted appropriately.