What are the command line switches for the NDPS Manager?

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What are the command line switches for the NDPS Manager?


This information came from Novell's documentation, plus additional switched that have been added since NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6 have been released. To view that documentation, please go to https://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/nw6p/ndps_enu/data/aclpal1.html .

The following command line switches have been implemented into the NDPS Manager:

/DBVOLUME= The value can either be a) the fully distinguished name of the volume you want the NDPS Manager database to live on, or b) NOCHECK.

a) If the dbvolume value is the distinguished name of the volume, then NDPSM will
pull a copy of the database (psmdb.dat) from eDirectory when NDPSM.NLM is
loaded and copy the .dat file to the volume specified after the equals sign.

b) If the dbvolume value equals NOCHECK, then NDPSM will not perform a check
for a copy of the database in eDirectory. Instead, NDPSM will load the copy of
the database on the FileSystem. The location of the database file is found in
the eDirectory values for "Database Dir Path" and "Database Volume Name" of the
Print Manager object. The NOCHECK routine is used for clustering.

/DNSNAME= This sets a DNS name to an NDPS Manager object. You will need to include the DNS information in your DNS lookup tables. NOTE: You will want to use this switch in clustering. Otherwise, the IP address of one of the cluster nodes may show up in the IPP URL instead of the DNS name. When that happens, failover is not possible. NOTE: If you get the error "The NDPS Manager can not resolve DNS name somename.domain.com" and somename.domain.com is not what you expect, you can clear the DNS name that is stored in the NDPS Manager's database. To do that, just load the NDPS Manager with the /DNSNAME= switch and no domain name. For example: LOAD NDPSM /DNSNAME=
The common error with this DNSname set incorrectly is NDPS -- Getting error: NDPSM-3.00-893, the ndps manager can not resolve DNS name local host. NDPS manager 893 error.
**Do not use /IPADDRESS and /DNSNAME together. If they are used together then /DNSNAME will be ignored.

/IPADDRESS= On a multihomed server, this specifies which IP address the NDPS Manager should bind to.

/NODATABASE Load the NDPS Manager without opening the database. The Database Options menu is displayed which lets you examine, backup, restore, resynchronize, and uninstall the NDPS Manager database.

/NOIP Prevents the NDPS Manager from binding to IP on the file server.

/NOIPX Prevents the NDPS Manager from binding to IPX on the file server.

/NOSRS Prevents the NDPS Manager from looking for an SRS. Use this switch in conjunction with the Broker's /NOADVERT switch (LOAD BROKER /NOADVERT).

/NOENS Prevents the NDPS Manager from looking for an ENS (Event Notification Service broadcasted by a Broker).

/ENFORCEUSERACL enforces security when submitting jobs from NDPS clients. The default security (without this switch) check's the Printer's Access Control List (ACL) when installing printers. Loading the Print Manager with this switch causes the ACLs to get checked when installing printers and when submitting print jobs. See KB 3289519 for more information.

/IPRINTON enables the IPP attribute for all printers associated with the NDPS Manager.

/QLOADBALANCE Allows multiple printer agents to be assigned to a single print queue. The printer agents will load balance the print jobs. Please see TID10063697 titled "Does NDPS allow for load balancing of print jobs from a native NetWare queue?"

/SETENS= Sets the preferred ENS on all printer agents to the ENS specified at load. Please see TID 10067688 titled "Setting the RMS and ENS for NDPS Manager"

/SETRMS= Sets the preferred RMS on all printer agents to the RMS specified at load. Please see TID 10067688 titled "Setting the RMS and ENS for NDPS Manager"

/DEFRAGDATABASE Reallocates the data within the PSMDB.DAT file (NDPS Manager database). This switch will often resolve database corruption problems. Symptoms of database corruption include errors when loading ndpsm, inability to manage printer agents within the manager database, and slow performance. While this switch existed in earlier releases of NDPSM.NLM, it became more effective with NDPSM.NLM dated 25AUG2005 and later.

/QNUMJOBS= [some_number] Optional configuration when Printer Agents are configured to service legacy print queues. Must load NDPSM.NLM dated 15JUN2006 or later. Without this switch, 1 job is pulled from the print queue at an avg of every 6 seconds. For some print environments, this is too slow. By using this switch, X number of jobs will be pulled every 2 seconds. The value of X is specified after the equals sign. An example of 500 jobs being pulled every 2 seconds: /QNUMJOBS=500

If you receive an error when loading one of these switches, the NDPSM.NLM that you are using does not support that switch. If you are a NetWare 5.0 customer and one of these switches does not work, you will need to upgrade to NetWare 5.1 or NetWare 6.


Additional Information

See KB 3604883 for information on switches available through the Gateway (NDPSGW.NLM)

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