Updates to Novell ZENworks 6.6.2 Linux Management

  • 3530711
  • 05-Apr-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 6.6.2 Linux Management - ZLM6x
Novell ZENworks Linux Management


The following document describes the fixes done in ZLM 6.6.2 Hot Patch.

Hot Patch #1
- Every instance of rcd uses a single static private key, available by download over the internet
- Red-carpet for sles 9 should have kdebase3 as a dependency
- OES - After download, rug sits at 0 secs for a few min, critical errors scroll on rcd-messages
- OES - Failure to update OES from the zlmstage oestest channel - traceback error
- OES - Get a traceback error when click on the patches tab
- OES - Should be Not Installed Patches instead of Uninstalled Patches
- OES -Red-carpet - "Downloading packages" status never changes, but bar changes to reflect installation
- Lastest novell's php4-pear is not in pipeline
- OES - When on the Patches tab, all text should say patch or patches instead of package or packages
- OES - RCD (2.4.9-1.[25]) memory leak sitting on the server while activated to a channel
- rcmirror HTTP Error: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden when connecting through a proxy to download patches from
- Red carpet creates rcd.conf world readable
- RHEL ioncube loader packages have inconsistent libs versions

Hot Patch #2
- OES - Patches are downloaded even though a newer package exists in the channel.
- OES rug applying patches for software not currently installed
- OES - GUI status box shows downloading when installing OES patches
- OES - Unable to update OES FCS minimum pattern install using rug
- OES - set default filter in red-carpet client to show all patches "not installed."
- OES - "Invalid patch kind 'yast2'" shows up in rcdmessages during oes sp2 patching
- OES - License agreement flies should be passed to $PAGER
- OES - rug updates to OES Linux SP2 Cluster servers break clustering
- OES - Patches tab should be default tab when opening Red-carpet in OES.
- OES - Wrong percentage complete (114%) during rug --entire-channel update.
- OES - Show channel name by default in red-carpet
- OES - New RCD patch shows patch "summary" in redcarpet but not in rug interface.
- OES - Installing patch-11128 causes rug to cease to be able to connect to rcd
- OES - Red-carpet asks which system to connect to, every time it is launched.
- OES - occasional traceback, related to new patches code
- Wrong percentages in red carpet
- OES - Traceback failure during license agreement using rug.
- OES- rcd-modules has missing dependency libxmlrpc.so.3
- Patch-11276 Importance string problem, causes red-carpet traceback
- RedCarpet crashes all the time with updated code from patch-11336
- OES -Problematic disk space checks cause patch installation to fail (11336), need disk space checks backed out
- rcd from patch-11147 has the same version and release than patch-11336
- OES- Unable to deliver patches since tag change, ZLM
- OES - fixes incorporated into HP2 patch-11371 are missing in patch 11415
- OES - Patch-11452 - rug cannot connect to the daemon, python-opensssl-0.6-3.4 is needed


Hot Patch Prerequisites:
This Patch Requires ZLM662
This Patch must be applied to all Managed Devices running ZLM662
This Patch must be applied to all machines running the ZLM662 Server software.

Activation code: zlm66hp1240768

The same activation key can be used for both channels: