Web Console install XML scripts not running and how to use the Oracle JDBC drivers as a workaround

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  • 01-May-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7
Oracle 9i


When Tomcat extracts the rtrlet.war file, a series of XML scripts should run to prepare the Oracle 9i database (on Solaris).For example, this would happen when a Web Console patch is applied.

However, XML processing sticks on patch3_1.xml file & does not create expected "finished" or "failed" subdirectories under the Tomcat applet directory.
In addition, the debug version of rtrlet.log shows no apparent error.

The custom report description line is showing as gibberish within this Oracle environment

Web Console install XML scripts not running

An additional symptom noticed is that the Apache Tomcat service also stops.


The cause appears to be problems with the ODBC drivers communicating with certain Oracle versions/patchsets.

The suggested resolution is to have the WebConsole use JDBC drivers rather than ODBC drivers. To do this, the drivers need to be installed and settings need to be changed in the DBName and DBDriver settings in the rtrsetup.xml file under Tomcat. The instructions to change the drivers are listed at the bottom of this note.

Before changing to JDBC drivers, please verify you are using the 1.4.2 JDK (not 1.3). If they are on 1.3, please have them upgrade before doing any further steps. If you do not want to move to JDBC drivers, you could make sure to apply the latest Oracle patchset and the latest ODBC patch available for your installation. If this does not solve the problem, then we would suggest moving to JDBC drivers.

1.You can find the Oracle file on the Oracle client, usually in the folder"jdbc\lib". It will be named ojdbc14.jar.

2. Stop Apache tomcat service.

3. Place the .jar or .zip file in the Tomcat\common\lib directory.

4. Modify the RTRSETUP.xml file in the tomcat\webapps directory. There are two sections that need to be modified:

A. The DBDriver parameter should look like this:



B. The parameter called "DBName" should be set to"jdbc:oracle:oci:@QA920A", replacing "QA920A" with the name of your database instance.

Like this:



5. Restart the Apache tomcat service.

Additional Information

Formerly known as TID# 10100113
This behavior has been seen before when using Oracle on Win32.