Inherited Corporate Redirection applications not viewable through iManager

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  • 02-Oct-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin (NSL) 6.0 iManager plugins

Connecting to eDirectory backend


To be able to view and administer all Application Definitions, particularly those that are inherited through Corporate Redirection set on a parent container.

When using iManager to administer NSL, you are unable to view Application Definitions that a user inherits through a Corporate Redirection set on their parent organizational "o" or organizational unit "ou" container.


Fixed with iManger plugin from NSL6.1 or newer.

Additional Information

- When this problem exhibits itself the end user will still get the appropriate Application Definitions as set by the Corporate Redirection.

- If the Corporate Redirection is set on the user object (vs. the parent container) the Application Definitions will show as available through iManager.
- This problem is iManager's inability to appropriately read and display Application Definitions when a Corporate Redirect is in play. For instace if an Application Definition is set at the root of the tree it will be available to all objects unless 2 conditions are met:
1. Stop tree walking attribute is set on the object in question or on a object between the object in question and the root of the tree.
2. If a Corporate Redirect is set on the object in question or on the parent container of the object in question.
When this problem is manifest iManager will continue to display the root Application Definition as being inherited on the object in question. Even when the object in question has the Corporate Redirection set on it or its parent container.