Server abends unloading address space

  • 3524040
  • 20-Sep-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell Netware 6.5
Novell Clustering Services 1.7
Novell Groupwise 6.5


Server abends unloading address space
Groupwise resource abends server during unload
Groupwise resource abends during failover


The unload script for the Groupwise Resource was incorrect.

According to the Novell Clustering Documentation here is the correct syntax for the unload script of a resource from a protected address space:

If you selected Yes under Load Agents in Protected Memory add an unload address space command for each address space. Add an unload kill address space command to ensure that the address space is completely cleaned up.

unload address space=addr_space_name
unload kill address space=addr_space_name

If your system seems to be trying to kill the address space before the GroupWise agents have been completely unloaded, resulting in the agents hanging in the unloading state, load the delay.nlm program and set a delay of several seconds before issuing the unload kill address space command to allow the GroupWise agents adequate time to unload completely. The length of the delay varies from system to system; ten seconds is a good starting place.

unload address space=addr_space_name
delay 10
unload kill address space=addr_space_name

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