How to move data between two GroupWise Mobile Servers.

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  • 26-Jun-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server
Windows 2000 or 2003 Server


Due to a HW issue there is a need to move GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS) data from an old to a new server.


Steps for a migration process:
A. Old / source server:
1. Stop the GMS suite from services window.
2. Start the CMD and navigate to the /DB directory
3. Here you need to find what ASA services are active and running. You can do it via command
dbsvc -q -l
It comes usually with the name of the old server.
4. Stop the ASA listed service by:
dbsvc -x
B. New server / target
1. Stop GMS suite from services window
2. Start the CMD and navigate to the /BIN directory.
3. Uninstall the GMS service by running:
syncserver -u (wait a few minutes for the service to finish)
4. Change to the /DB directory.
5. Here you need to find what ASA services are active and running. You can do it via command
dbsvc -q -l
It comes usually with the name of the old server.
6. Stop the ASA listed service by:
dbsvc -x
7. Make copy of /DB and /PIM directories in a different directory from present, new GMS server
8. Copy /DB and /PIM directories from old / source sever on new / target GMS sever. Thanks to stopping ASA service you will be able to replace DBSync files, too.
9. Start on new server ASA service:
dbsvc -u
10. Change to the /BIN directory and install the GMS service
syncserver -i
Now it shall be possible to start the Admin console from the new GMS server. After it starts, check following:
1. Under "Management \ Users" all "old server" users shall be displayed.
2. Under "Management \ Servers" there will be both a new and old servers. Set older one listed to Inactive or delete it. make sure that new, current GMS server is set to Active still and it runs (if not start it from right-click menu option. Older server can be later deleted from a list.
3. Under "Profile Settings \ Email Accelerator \ Novell GroupWise" check if the default profile shows correct GW server settings. Those shall not be changed but rather verify it.
4. In Properties of "Intellisync Mobile Suite | Server Name| check / change the settings to new server.
5. In Properties of "Intellisync Mobile Suite | Authentication | Authentication sources" check the GW server settings - shall be OK as it was not changed.
In order to assure data integrity within newly imported databases, it is important to reset all imported user accounts. If this is not done, various duplicate issues, problems with installed mobile phone clients ... can happen.
Here is the rest of the procedure:
1. Start on a new GMS server Admin Console.
2. Launch WebAdmin from the console.
3. After WebAdmin console is opened, change the URL link by replacing "/admin/main.jsp..." with "/diag" (e.g., "http://192.x.x.x/admin/main.jsp;sessionid=....." becomes "http://192.x.x.x/diag" ).
4. In the main diag web page go in Cluster Wide Settings | Email Accelerator.
5. For beginning start resetting one selected test user account to see how it works, rather than resetting all of them. Select "All Accounts ..." web link. This brings a new table with a list of GMS users. Click on one user account and in next window there is an option to reset this account.
After this step try to login into this account via web PIM interface and check if all user settings are still present. If all looks fine, launch from a phone Intellisync client and correct the server URL to reflect new server IP or DNS.
6. If a test with one user works fine, continue with a reset all accounts in one single step. This is available from web diag interface, just go in Cluster Wide Settings | Email Accelerator and find out "Reset All Accounts ..." link.
There might be a possible side effect of the migration process on new GMS server with auto-starting all Windows GMS services. They were before started / stopped via the single suite service. It is necessary to check if this is broken and in case change all GMS services to start automatically, independently from the suite service.