eDirectory 8.8 SP1 abending when running the backlinker.

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  • 29-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for All Platforms


A NetWare server running eDirectory 8.8.1 is abending several times a week when the backlink process kicks off.
The coredumps stack information seems to change each time. This was due to a double free. In order to see the first (real) cause of the abend this server then had the "alloc memory check flag=on" set. Note: this flag will make abends more likely and therefore should only be used for troubleshooting.

The next coredump showed the following:
P00# r
Exception Processor: 00
Current Focus Processor : 00
EAX = 9994C498 EBX = FC6FB060 ECX = 9994C511 EDX = 9994C510
ESI = 3CC10016 EDI = 905C1220 EBP = 905C1000 ESP = 9994C494
EIP = 0032801C FLAGS = 00000202 (IF)
0032801C 83C404 ADD ESP, 00000004
P00# sw
Current EIP:0032801C  SERVER.NLM|CheckedFree+6F8
ESP:9994C5C8 EIP:911820D6 DS.NLM|CreateBacklink+1AAE
ESP:9994CD2C EIP:91184DA6 DS.NLM|CleanBacklinks+24C
ESP:9994CD90 EIP:9118952A DS.NLM|_CheckExtRefs+382
ESP:9994CE0C EIP:91189781 DS.NLM|_CheckReferencesByPartition+24
ESP:9994CE14 EIP:91189875 DS.NLM|CheckBacklinks+EF
ESP:9994CE44 EIP:911064A9 DS.NLM|BackgroundEvent+22E
ESP:9994CF3C EIP:0036C252 SERVER.NLM|CallAESRoutineWithEsiSet+A
ESP:9994CF4C EIP:0026CA32 SERVER.NLM|WTDFrontEndHandler+62
ESP:9994CF5C EIP:0036C1C2 SERVER.NLM|StartWorkToDo+23
ESP:9994CF74 EIP:0021DF0C SERVER.NLM|WorkerThread+508
ESP:9994CF8C EIP:0022AE98 SERVER.NLM|TcoNewSystemThreadEntryPoint+40
(stack end)


This issue has been resolved in eDirectory 8.8 SP2.