iPrint Migration from NetWare to OES2 results in NOT BOUND status

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  • 27-Sep-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 2


When using the iPrint Migration tool to migrate printers from NetWare to OES2, some printers will show as NOT BOUND on the OES2 server.


If the Printer Agent is using the HP or Axis Gateway, then the iPrint Migration tool will not correctly translate the Gateway Autoload command.  The invalid Gateway Autoload Command will show as follows:  (Note: x.x.x.x is the IP Address of the printer)


Resolution 1:  Convert Gateway load command before migrating printers
Before running the iPrint Migration tool, run the Printer Agent Conversion Utility against the Print Manager running on NetWare.  This will convert the printer agents from the third party gateway to the Novell Gateway.  The iPrint Migration tool correctly translates the Novell Gateway Autoload Command.  Search download.novell.com for the keyword pacvrt.exe to download this utility.

Resultion 2:  Manually change the Gateway Autoload Command
a. Go to https://[ipOfiPrintServer]/PsmStatus
b. Click on a printer agent.
c. Click Configuration Options link
d. Change the Gateway Autoload Command to:
        iprintgw PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=x.x.x.x
        iprintgw PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=
5. Click Apply
6. Click the Apply button next to the Shutdown Printer selection
7. Click the Apply button next to the Start Up Printer selection


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Additional Information

Third Party Gateways are not supported by Novell or the vendor providing the gateway.