DirXML 1.1a AD driver with Password Sync for Windows 2003

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  • 05-Jan-2007
  • 11-Jul-2012


DirXML Driver for Active Directory
DirXML 1.1a
Password Synchronization 1.0


Is the DirXML AD driver and Password Synchronization supported on Windows 2003?


The DirXML 1.1a and later AD driver and Password Synchronization has been certified to work with Windows 2003. The driver has been tested running on a Windows 2003 domain controller using the remote loader technology and from a Windows 2003 server using the driver's remote APIs.

After configuring the AD driver, the following steps need to be done:

1. The following import overlay needs to be installed over your AD driver object. Contact Novell support to obtain a file called PATTLNK_712003_225-w3k.zip. It includes an output transformation stylesheet named"AD-Win2003-OutputTransformSS". To install over the top of your current driver, select the "Create a New Application Driver" under"Wizards" in ConsoleOne. Reference the extracted XML file. It will prompt for the CN name of your AD Driver object, and you will also be prompted for the correct domain name for this driver. The domain name can be found in MMC on the account tab. It will be the second window to the right under "User Logon Name".

2. After you have imported this overlay, add this stylesheet as an Output Transformation rule. This can be accomplished by adding the "DirXML-OutputTransform" attribute to the other tab on the driver object and then browsing and selecting the "AD-Win2003-OutputTransformSS" stylesheet". If you already have an Output Transformation rule then add this stylesheet as a next transformation rule to your Output Transform using rule chaining. This can be accomplished in ConsoleOne by going to the properties of your Output Transform -> Other tab -> Add attribute "DirXML-NextTransformation". For it's value, browse to and select the "AD-Win2003-OutputTransformSS" stylesheet. Refer to the DirXML 1.1a administration guide for additional instructions on creating stylesheet objects and rule chaining.

Additional Information

eDirectory 8.73 is supported on Windows 2003. DirXML 1.1a engine is not supported on Windows 2003.

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