ZENworks for Handhelds 6.5 and 7 Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 27-Feb-2007
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Novell ZENworks 6.5 Handheld Management - ZHM6.5
Novell ZENworks 7 Handheld Management - ZHM7
Novell ZENworks for Handheld management - ZfH6.5


What is the maximum number of devices that can connect any one Access Point?
What is the concurrent connection limit to any one Access Point?
Can the default concurrent connections be modified?
What happens if your concurrent connection limit is reached?
ZENworks for Handhelds 6.5 Frequently Asked Questions.


There is currently no defined limit and we have seen performance such as 400-500 device connected to one Access Point.
By default the Access Point Server will allow 100 concurrent connections.
To increase the default Maximum connection modify the following registry setting:

HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks for Handhelds Proxy\Current Version\IP Conduit\Max Connections = 100
In the default scenario, if 101 devices connected to the Access Point "simultaneously", the 101st device would get a "Server Too Busy" message and will retry soon. Note that the key point here is'simultaneous'.

Additional Information

The maximum number of simultaneous connections handled depends on the capability of the Server / Access Point machine.

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