Understanding the 'DNIP:End Address Number'&'DNIP:Start Address Number' attributes

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  • 10-Jan-2007
  • 30-Apr-2013




The 'DNIP:End Address Number'&'DNIP:Start Address Number' attributes are held by the DHCP AddressRange objects (objectClass: dNIPSubnetAddressRange). The attributes will hold a value similar to,1407999999 or 1407999900 (these will be used in the following example).

An ICE (Import Convert Export) export of these attributes from the Address Range Object will show:

dNIPEndAddressNumber -1407999999
dNIPStartAddressNumber -1407999900


Insert these numbers into a spreadsheet (making sure to include the minus sign) and apply the followingformula (where A1 is the cell containing the value to be converted):


This will translate the values into IP addresses, the example addresses convert as follows:

-1407999999 =
-1407999900 =

Additional Information

Here is an alternative method of converting the dNIPStartAddressNumber anddNIPEndAddressNumber to dotted-quad notation, using perl:

perl -MSocket -e "print inet_ntoa(pack('N','-1407999999'));"