700005h error creating a Printer Agent

  • 3508363
  • 08-Nov-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare


700005h error is returned when trying to create a Printer Agent using iManager.


Load the broker with the /noadvert switch and the print manager with the /nosrs switch. For example:

Unload NDPSM
Unload Broker

By loading these services with those switches, you will not be able to use Public Access Printers. For information on Public Access Printers, see TIDs 10019429 and 10093581.

Additional Information

The cause of this problem is not understood. But, we do understand what the fix is doing. The fix of adding the /nosrs and /noadvert switches disables the ability to advertise printer agents through broadcasts and multi-casts of the Print Manager and the Broker.

When the NDPS product was first created, there was the thought that it would be good to make printers available through NDS (Controlled Access) and broadcasts (Public Access). We learned from experience that Public Access printers was a mistake. Broadcasting printers via (SAP/IPX) and multi-casts (SLP/IP) has proven to be unreliable.

We know that turning off this broadcast mechanism resolves the error stated above. We don't understand why. The best we can derive is that maybe the Printer Agent is attempting to use this broadcast method at creation time and failing in some way and therefore turning that off works around the problem.