Apply Changes button is missing in the iManager server configuration proxy screen

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  • 17-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9


When going into iManager, BorderManager, Proxy services, it is not possible to modify any configuration settings as the only buttons present on the page are the "Refresh" and "Close"
That happens when the page is locked by another browser. In this case a unlock link will be present on the top of the page. Clicking on it will release the page and the Apply Changes button will appear but in this particular case, after clicking on the link, link disappeared but the page did not change and the Refresh and Close buttons remained.


For any reason, the device was still locked so it has to be manually unlock. Open ConsoleOne and go to BM server object, Right click for Properties, Go to the Other Tab and look for the BRDSRVS:PROXY Info DeviceXML attribute (down about 10 lines or so), Click on it to display the actual setting below it, click on the Modify radio button on the right, then click on the small radio button that appears to the right of the actual setting with three dots (...) and search (from the pull down menu) for this two entries:


(numbers may vary)
Remove this values and replace it for "false”, so it looks like

You only need to change these two values. Leave the rest of the values unchanged.

Click in OK button first to accept the changes, then Apply button and OK button in ConsoleOne, exit iManager, if you are logged into it and enter again. Now Rules for the console should be unlocked and you will get the Apply Changes button back.

If you see this issue on the Access Control rules page, the procedure is the same but the attribute to look for is different. In this case it is
BRDSRVS:ACL Info DeviceXML attribute.

Additional Information

After some troubleshooting steps, it was discovered that the unlock link can fail under heavy load if you run iManager from a central server and this server does not have a R/W replica with the BM server object. Customer added one and problem did not happen again