CR - How to manage, add, delete users in the Novell Customer Center for your company?

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  • 14-Nov-2006
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This document will explain how to manage, add and delete users in the Novell Customer Center for your company.


In many organizations, more than one person needs access to system information. For example, the organization’s purchasers and IT administrators might need information about the organization’s account.

Novell Customer Center defines three types of users:

Organization Administratorscontrol rights for the entire organization. They can add users, groups, or other administrators.

Group Administratorshave administrative rights within a group of subscriptions or systems that was created by the Organization Administrator.

Entitled Usershave activated a system by using a subscription that is owned by the organization or were granted rights to other subscriptions by a Group or Organization Administrator. User access to the site is limited to information about that particular system, unless the Group or Organization Administrator grants rights to other subscriptions or systems.

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