Patchlink: Additional Subscription Servers Available

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  • 05-Jul-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


PatchLink Update Subscription Server
Novell ZENworks Patch Management


In an effort to enhance the PatchLink Update global subscription network with increased levels of fault tolerance, additional subscription servers will be added in the regions listed in the table below and will be available for use starting June 27, 2006. A failure to communicate with the current subscription server,, will automatically direct your request to the next server in your region.


PatchLink is proud to announce that the migration to the new Global Subscription Server (GSS) has been completed on 6/26/2006.
Most of our customers will automatically benefit from this upgrade. However, customers who use outbound filtering rules need to add rules for the new subscription servers' IP addresses listed below.
US- West Coast
Mesa, AZ

US- East Coast
Ashburn, VA



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