Secure Workstation with SecureLogin in AD mode

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  • 30-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
Secure Workstation
NSL installed in Active Directory mode


Is it possible to install Secure Workstation with SecureLogin installed in Active Directory mode?
NSL Install does not present option to install Secure Workstation unless NMAS is selected


Secure Workstation is an NMAS method. It requires NMAS, which requires eDirectory. It is not possible to install and administer Secure Workstation through Active Directory.

It is possible, however, to install the client side Secure Workstation components and administer Secure Workstation through local workstation policies. To do this, simply select NMAS as part of the installation when prompted, but don't add any methods. Secure Workstation will be added to the workstaion by default as part of the NSL install. (Do a custom install to see Secure Workstation listed as a component to be installed.) You will then be able to define and administer Secure Workstation policies on the local workstation by clicking Start, Programs, Novell SecureLogin, Secure Workstation Policy Editor.

Policies thus created will reside on the local workstation, not in the directory, and will apply to all users that login to the workstation.