How to export / import GroupWise Messenger contacts via ConsoleOne LDIF file

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  • 15-Aug-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Messenger
Novell GroupWise 7


UserB needs Messenger contact list of UserA (accomlished via ConsoleOne)
Would like to import Messenger contact lists via ConsoleOne rather then the messenger client.


Export / Import contact attributes via ConsoleOne NDS Import / Export (ICE)
We will first export an LDIF file for the users so that we can copy the contacts from it when we create our Import file.
Steps to accomplish:
1) Run ConsoleOne from the server sys:\PUBLIC\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin to have a Wizard option on the tool bar.
2) Highlight an NDS Organization and then select the Wizard | Import / Export option from the top tool bar in ConsoleOne
3) Select to Export LDIF file and choose Next
4) Fill in the Ldap server IP and port 389 or 636
5) Click the authenticated login arial button and Fill in the cn=admin,ou=?,o=?
6) On the next page fill in the DN where userA resides IE: O=msgusers and choose the arial button for "one level"
7) Click the tab for filter and add the word user to replace the astric IE: objectclass=user
8) Leave the attribute tab at default IE: "All user-level attributes" and click to the next page
9) Enter C:\export.txt to create the exported file we will use to copy our needed contacts from
10) Open the c:\export.txt and find userA IE: dn: cn=msguserA,o=msgusers
11) Note userA attributes regarding the contacts he has IE: nnmContactList: 1;0;0;2;;CN=mess1,O=messenger ;mess1;
These are the attributes we will need to copy to our new Import.txt file we will use for importing the contact list to the other users.
12) create a new text file c:\import.txt and add the following entries by manually typing them in with respect to userB:
dn: cn=msguserA,o=msgusers
changetype: modify
add: nnmContactList
13) Now copy from the export file all the Contacts under userA
nnmContactList: 1;0;0;2;;CN=mess1,O=messenger ;mess1;
nnmContactList: 2;0;1;2;;CN=mess2,O=messenger ;mess2;
The file will appear something like this:
dn: cn=msguserb,o=msgusers
changetype: modify
add: nnmContactList
nnmContactList: 1;0;0;2;;CN=mess1,O=messenger ;mess1;
nnmContactList: 2;0;1;2;;CN=mess2,O=messenger ;mess2;
14) Save the import.txt
15) use the NDS Import / Export utility to Import the attributes to userB changing setting as needed regarding Import LDIF file and the other users base DN where userB resides.
The end result userB will now have all the contacts that you copied from userA entries in the export file

Additional Information

Users can share contact lists via the GroupWise Messenger client import / export. This TID was created for the use of accomplishing this task via ConsoleOne.