Tips on deploying GroupWise 7 MSI via ZENworks

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  • 17-Jan-2007
  • 18-Jun-2012


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Novell GroupWise 7


Tips on deploying GroupWise 7 MSI via ZENworks


1- Copy the entire GroupWise 7 client CD to a network share where the end user has access rights (hereafter referred to as the GroupWise software distribution directory). Note that the GroupWise MSI's have other file dependencies and that the groupwise.msi file cannot be installed by launching the MSI by itself (for example, by copying just the groupwise.msi to the desktop of a workstation and launching it).

2- Use the GroupWise Tuner (gwtuner). See for details. Note that the current version of gwtuner as of the creation of this TID is fgwtuner7a.exe. This creates the groupwise.mst file.

3- Create two ZENworks application objects, one to install the isscript1050.msi and one to install the groupwise.msi, both of which are in the client\win32 folder.

4- Refer to the ZENworks documentation at configuring Novell Application Launcher to launch MSI's and consider the following tips:

a) Use UNC path's to the MSI's instead of drive letter mappings.

b) The groupwise.msi cannot be installed without the InstallShield isscript1050.msi being installed. Make the groupwise.msi dependent upon the isscript1050.msi. To do this, go to the properties of the groupwise.msi application object and select the Run Options tab, then the Application Dependencies tab and select Add to browse for the isscript1050.msi application object.

c) In the groupwise.msi application object, select the MSI tab, then the Transforms tab and browse to the groupwise.mst file in the client\win32 folder of the software distribution directory.

d) If the GroupWise application will be used by multiple users on the same machine, add an MSI Property of ALLUSERS and set the value data to 1.

Additional Information

Known issues:

1- The GroupWise MSI cannot currently be deployed to a workstation where the user does not have administrative rights, or via NAL's Unsecure System User setting or via the rights of the imported ZENworks workstation object. This has been reported to Novell Engineering. See KB 10100431 for details. (Note: The same thing applies to running SETUP.EXE since it only makes a call to the GroupWise MSI to run the install.)

2- An upgrade from GroupWise 6.5 x to the GroupWise 7 client using the groupwise.msi via ZENworks may result in error messages about GroupWise language files such as GWMXL1US.DLL. This has been reported to Novell Engineering. See KB 10100499 for details.

3- The GroupWise 7 MSI is not aware of GroupWise add-on extensions in Windows Explorer. This has been reported to Novell Engineering. See TID NOVL105236 for details.
4- NAL elevates the rights when this MSI runs, but if there is a Group Policy in affect that does not allow MSI elevated rights, then the GroupWise NAL app will not install properly.
5- ERROR: "newbinary19 cant be extracted"
Response: The error message "New binary 19 can't be extracted" is usually caused by the Windows Messaging Service. Sometimes the Windows Messaging Service gets into a weird state and GroupWise can't use it properly. To fix the problem you must re-install the Windows Messaging Service on the problem computer. Windows Messaging Service is included on the GroupWise 7 Windows client CD in the client\win32\wmstus directory.
Formerly known as TID# 10100388