How to synchronize contacts from a phone with GroupWise Address Books.

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  • 10-Mar-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0


Existing phone has already several contacts created and a user wants to synchronize them with his GroupWise mailbox folder Contacts.


1. Create new GroupWise user and assign him a password.
2. Login via web PIM interface of a GMS server.
3. Fill in all initial required information and if needed go for phone client installation. If a phone has already the Intellisync client installed, skip this step.
4. Have the user go into their GroupWise Address Book and create 2 new Address Books. One needs to be named "Unfiled" and one can be named what ever, for this example the second will be called "John Doe's". The "Unfiled" book will hold all contacts that come from the phone, it can also have contacts added to it that can be synced to the phone. When a contact is deleted from the "Unfiled" book it will also delete it from the phone when it is synced again, so be careful what you delete from this one. For an Address Book, such as "John Doe's", to appear in the Webpim it has to have at least 1 contact in it. Like the "Unfiled" risk with deleting a contact from the AB, this can also happen with "John Doe's" book if a matching user is deleted from the phone's contact list.
5. From the Webpim, go in to the Settings tab. You will see a section for Device Names. Under the Device Name section there is a link called "Pick Contacts to Sync", follow this link.
6. Select "Sync only contacts ..." option. Make sure that the option "Unfiled" is checked, and if you want"John Doe's" added, make sure it is checked as well. Save the settings by clicking on Save button, will probably be located at the top of the page.
7. On a phone go in to the Intellisync client, choose Settings, in the "What to Sync" menu make sure Contacts is checked. Make sure that you check the settings of the Contacts option, there is a setting there that says, "Refresh Contacts". For first time syncing, make sure this is unchecked, as it will erase all phone contacts that are not already found on the server. After all the contacts that you want are on the server you can check this if you accidentally delete one from the phone as it will restore it to the phone. After you restore a contact back to the phone, this should automatically uncheck again to help preserve the list on the phone.
8. Configure the rest of Settings option if it has not been done before.
9. Tap on Sync icon to initiate manually next sync cycle.
10. After the sync, login in GroupWise mailbox.
11. Right-click on the system folder "Contacts" and select Properties.
12. In General tab, Address Book field select from drop-down menu "Unfiled".
13. Now refresh the Contacts folder. All phone contacts are now visible.