NetWare TCP/IP stack ignores RIP II routes without default/natural masks.

  • 3488112
  • 06-Sep-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell Connectivity Products


Network router advertising RIP II routes with non-default/natural (see additional notes) masks.
NetWare 6.5 TCP/IP stack sees the advertisement, but does not add the route to its routing table.
If the network route is changed to have a default/natural mask, the NetWare 6.5 TCP/IP stack is able to add the route in its routing table.



Setting the above to ON, allows the NetWare 6.5 TCP/IP stack to accept all routes no matter what mask is used.

The default is OFF, which only accepts network routes with default/natural masks.

Additional Information

In this TID, the term "default/natural mask" is used to describe the default/natural subnet mask used for a given IP address class. For example:

Class A IP addresses have an 8-bit default/natural mask ( or ).
Class B IP addresses have a 16-bit default/natural mask ( or ).
Class C IP addresses have a 24-bit default/natural mask ( or ).