The OVERLAND MIB (NEO.MIB) fails to compile.

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  • 12-Sep-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks for Servers 3.0.
Novell Management and Monitoring Services.
Novell MIB Tool Administration.


The OVERLAND MIB (NEO.MIB) fails to compile.
Error: "Compiling :Neo.mib...PARSE ERROR: LINE:441 MIBCERR106: Incorrect syntax: Expected ')', read VOL1:\ZENWORKS\mms\MWServer\MIBCServer\MIBServerPool\TEMP\Neo.mib:Line No:450:OBJECT-TYPE MIBCERR153: Unexpected token".


Line 441:

SYNTAX Integer32 (0..7|8)

This is not recognized by the MIB Compiler as it does not get parsed. Howeverthis will work fine in the ZfS - MIDAS (6.5).

The workaround with ZfS3 - SP2 is by modifying the MIB file i.e. the above statement in the mib file is replaced by:

SYNTAX Integer32 (0..8)

The Overland (NEO) MIBs provided Novell doesn't register any traps so no alarms will be in the Alarm Disposition Table for this MIB. Compiling the MIB should insert the product into the MIB Tree to allow SNMP queries to those agents for whatever data they can provide via SNMP.

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