-9011 & -659 errors starting eDirectory Driver

  • 3481710
  • 09-Jan-2008
  • 30-Apr-2013


Novell Identity Manager 3.0
eDirectory Driver


When starting the eDirectory Driver the following errors are encountered.
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \IDVAULT\DirXML\Bsure\VaultEdir
Channel: Publisher
Object: \MIHOUSE\ADM\bvd (IDVAULT\ADM\bvd)
Status: Retry
Message: Code(-9011) eDirectory returned an error indicating that the operation should be retried later: novell.jclient.JCException: modifyEntry -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED


Found that time was reporting as synchronized in the vault and eDirectory trees. However, the console prompt was receiving synthetic time errors. Looked at the partition root object, and the modification timestamp was dated 4 months in the future.
After making the server running the drivers the master replica server, and repairing timestamps and delcaring a new epoch, Identity Manager started synchronizing objects.
See TID 10073685 - Implications of running"Repair Timestamps and Declare a new epoch"